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Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club a Run for Awareness PDF Print E-mail
Written by LJ James   
Sunday, 05 October 2008 20:58
Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club a Run for Awareness
by LJJames

Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club a Run for Awareness

Do you remember the Story of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia ? Carlie was the Little girl from Long Island NY who while staying with her Mother Down in Florida was Kidnapped and Murdered on Super Bowl Sunday, 2004. Her abduction was captured on video in front of the car wash where she was Kidnapped by Joseph P. Smith,Who has since been found Guilty of first-degree murder, sexual battery and kidnapping.

The story was carried nationwide and was heartbreaking to all who heard it. Now there is an old saying that every dark cloud has a silver lining and if that is true then the silver lining here is Matt Barbis, Carlie's Cousin who started the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation ( with the Mission of reducing child abductions.

Matt goes around to Schools and does Puppet Shows and teaches children how to react and what to do if someone ever tries to adduct them. As you can imagine Matt's Mission does not come without its costs and the Foundation runs on Donations from Groups,Individuals and Businesses.

Matt who Rides a Motorcycle had seen the good that Bikers on Long Island do to Raise Money for those in need, He wanted to Start a Motorcycle Run to help raise Money for the Foundation. A Motorcycle Run is a lot of work and Matt was Referred to the Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club ( Who do a Run and/or Benefit every year.

When the Mortal Skulls MC heard Matt's story and what his Mission was they quickly decided that this would be the run and benefit they would be doing for many years to come.What better cause can there be then keeping Children Safe? said one of the Members.

For the past 3 years now on the Third Sunday in June the Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club have hosted the run and raised money for the foundation, The run starts every year at the Bellmore NY Train station on Sunrise Hwy,with sign up from 10:30 am till 12 Noon, and has ended at local Long Island Bars with live Music, food,Appearances by local NY Celebrities and so much more. The recommended Donation for the event is $10 per person and Run Shirts are available for an additional $10 with every penny of the Proceeds going to the Rose Brucia Educational Foundation. The Mortal Skulls Motorcycle Club Thank all who have come out to help and Support the event every year! This Fundraiser has quickly grown into a huge Long Island NY event, With the continued Support of the Long Island biker world and appearances by Celebrates it will continue to grow for many years to come!!!

I am Your Bro L.J. James

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