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Tuesday, 02 September 2008 10:25
Quick and Easy Way of Creating Web Forms
One of the great advantages of conducting one’s business
using the tools of the internet is its ability to gather the required
information in a very short period in an efficient way. It can be in the form of
website feedback form, contact us form, online surveys, events registration,
online registration etc. We can collect various types of information from the
users by having the right form. 
  However, it is just not enough to collect the data; the
data collected should be stored carefully. Also, we should be able to manipulate
the data in a variety of ways to generate the required reports. So it is a time
consuming process to create a form which sometimes can be very lengthy as in the
case of certain surveys that run up to 45 minutes. A web designer cum programmer
should code the form carefully setting all the required parameters correctly to
have a fully functional form. Sometimes, the entire process of form creation can
be a repetitive one and hence not only time consuming but also boring. Moreover,
after the creation of the form someone has to perform a thorough quality check
to ensure that the form is perfect both in terms of its design appeal and
To save us from all these trouble FormLogix has built a
wonderful tool which will serve as an ideal companion for website designers and
programmers who are involved in the creation of web form and email form.
FormLogix helps you create web based forms. You can now create your forms in
record-breaking time using the web form and email form creator. Unlike the other
design interfaces that are used by the designers and programmers, FormLogix
offers WYSIWYG interface where you can easily drag and drop the form elements
and have your form ready in a matter of few minutes. One does not require any
programming or design skills to use FormLogix. It comes with a very user
friendly interface and even a first-time user can create professional looking
forms in a very short time. Along with the web forms you can also create web
databases through the use of form maker tool. The inbuilt tools help you save a
lot of time by trimming unnecessary steps that are redundant. Here you can also
find a number of user-created templates that you can use to save your time
further by just modifying the readymade template wherever required. You don’t
have to worry about the alignment issues. FormLogix form creator tool will also
take care of data validation concerns and database storage needs. You can easily
repeat required fields and sections of your form without having to recreate
them. All necessary data entry controls and HTML elements are incorporated in
this form creator. The web form creator will take care of the browser
compatibility issues and you don’t have to spend countless hours to create
inter-browser compatible forms. At FormLogix you can find both free version and
paid versions of the email form and web form creator.