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From Meditation Music to the Yoga Mat PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 02 September 2008 14:42

I have to say that there are some inventions that I am really quite grateful for. Most of them are actually quite old in origin, but have recently, thanks to the wonderful technology available to us, seen a rebirth made of new materials. Take the yoga mat for example. Today you can get rubber yoga mats that are extra thick, perfect for someone like me who need a bit of extra padding between my spine and the floor. I am also immensely grateful for the technology that currently fuels the music industry. Rather than relying on someone to play live music, I can simply pop a new age music CD into my player (or my computer for that matter) and have instant music.

I suppose that once upon a time it would have been natural to have live musicians for all such things that called for music- the relationship between the musician and the dancer is prevalent in many cultures. Personally, I am rather glad that I have the luxury of putting on yoga music or meditation music in my home. I like the privacy of my home practice. It has a very different feeling than the classes that I take. I like both equally and I wouldn't want to give either one up. It is something that I take quite seriously, actually. That practice is my time for myself- I may not always have the time or money to go the spa or buy myself something nice, but I can also make room for my yoga, no matter how busy the schedule or how tight the budget.

Recently, I've been getting my kids into yoga as well. While they were home over the summer, they started hanging out with me while I did my personal practice. After I explained that yoga was mommy's special quiet time, they didn't disturb me much, but they did seem to creep into the room and watch. I'd often catch them mimicking the poses I was doing, so I eventually decided to invite them to join me. They took to it like fish to water and would get so proud of themselves when they mastered a new pose. I was able to use it as a preventative measure too- if they started getting rowdy or were about to do something that would get them into trouble I would invite them to come do a few yoga poses with me, and they would then walk away calm and re-focused.

I plan on enrolling them in yoga classes come the school year. I think they would do great in a classroom setting- not only do they love to do yoga poses, but they think that yoga music is the best music around. I've let them listen to some of my meditation music as well, and my daughter actually uses that to help her study when she has a test. I will be glad to have my private yoga time back once they've gone off to school, but I look forward to having more yoga in my life as well, because it has certainly become a family activity. Well, that, and I'll be hearing all about what they learned in yoga class- there's not going to be any stopping that, or the endless demonstrations of new skills!