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According to the statistics it seems so! In an article written by economist Jeremy Siegel (Published 9/5 on Yahoo Finance), it appears that over the last 120 year period stock markets have risen 10.85% under Democratic presidencies, compared to 8.25% under Republican administrations. This trend has only accelerated in the last 60 years, with Democrat returns averaging 15.26% per year versus 9.01% Republican returns. What is it about Democratic presidencies that drive markets nuts?
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Arts and Entertainment/Art
When one piece of music seems outstanding next to the mediocrity of another it is commonly not because of the melodies involved. Instead, one track sounds better than another because it has a balanced and sweetened mix while the other has been...
Tuesday, 07 October 2008 | 896 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
2.6/5 (33 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Wendy Tsao
The dream of any mother is to see her children grow up healthy both mentally and physically. A good mom feeds her children low calorie healthy food to prevent obesity, encourage them to practice sports to keep their bodies athletic and study to...
Monday, 06 October 2008 | 917 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
2.6/5 (35 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Wendy Tsao
Children feel the need to express themselves. They fulfill this uniquely human trait by interacting with different people, by responding to the things they observe in their environment and most importantly through drawing.
Friday, 26 September 2008 | 911 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
2.8/5 (38 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Pete Roberts
Art Posters come in different themes. Framed posters or popular themed posters that are popular are usually inspiring or motivating posters usually for the work place or office wall. The more popular for home decoration and design are movie and...
Thursday, 25 September 2008 | 1057 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
3.3/5 (41 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Goodness Maseko
For leather preparations, the leather needs to be wiped down with rubbing alcohol prior to doing any airbrushing. This will remove the oil that is on the leather. The oil will prevent the paint from sticking to the surface. Make sure that all the...
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 | 778 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
3.1/5 (35 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Goodness Maseko
For many of you that still rent at local video stores, it may be a little transition for you to join a DVD Club, and it will take a bit of getting used to having your movie and games arrive via your mail box several days later after your initial...
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 | 1030 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
2.5/5 (23 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Amanda Maseko
Get an accurate shopping list for getting started with stained glass art. Now, not all the items should be used, but can be useful.
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 | 831 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
3.1/5 (21 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Goodness Maseko
If you're an avid radio listener and you're finding yourself becoming fed up with the constant barrage of commercials on regular music stations or if you're looking for more no-holds-barred commentaries or radio talk shows, you probably wouldn't...
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 | 838 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
3.4/5 (19 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Fabian Toulouse
Even the most famed photographers would be overwhelmed by all the photographic choices available today. Not only are traditional film cameras still prevalent, but the choice of investing in a digital camera is a very popular one. So what would the...
Thursday, 18 September 2008 | 787 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more
2.4/5 (17 votes)
Arts and Entertainment/Art
Author:Gary Pearson
The first thing to be considered when shopping for Oriental rugs is what, exactly, constitutes an Oriental Rug in the first place. The best Oriental rugs are real Oriental rugs, and real Oriental rugs must satisfy a specific set of requirements....
Thursday, 18 September 2008 | 809 hits | Print | PDF |  E-mail | Read more

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