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We live in a world where the internet is both advanced and necessary to accomplish the simplest tasks -- banking, stock market, news, up-to-the-minute weather, mail, etc. It is not just about socialization and emails anymore. The internet is home to one of the fast growing online markets called 'online trading.' This field is far reaching and up to the minute so that the trader can make decisions 'in the here and now' without the broker in the middle. No longer does it take a few hours or a few days.
Latest Fashion Trends From Italy PDF Print E-mail
Written by sakuragicho   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008 03:06
A recognized element of the world of fashion known for their coy and creative aesthetics is Dolce and Gabbana Fashion. Custom-made crocodile bags are their latest luxury embracing the fashion globe. It has entered the boutique in the month of September 2008 and has immediately made an impact.

Samsung Mobile is a Multimedia Device Available in Phoneandbeyond PDF Print E-mail
Written by jeya   
Friday, 17 October 2008 00:43

The new Samsung Armani or Giorgio Armani Samsung phone has been officially released into the UK. In fact, we make as much of a personal statement with the mobile phones that we carry or the televisions we have in our living rooms as we do with the shoes and bags we wear or the furnishings we chose to place in our homes.


These are all lifestyle decisions, where design and performance are the criteria. Samsung has successfully anticipated the growing role for consumer electronics in our lives, while recognising the importance of self-expression in the development of its products. Packed with features it’s hard to know where exactly to start with the Samsung SGH-P520.In terms of a business tool, the Samsung P520 offers GSM/GPRS, EDGE technology, Bluetooth wireless with A2DP Stereo support, USB connectivity, miroSD memory expansion, web browser, email and a document viewer enabling access to word, excel, powerpoint and pdf files.


From a personal use point of view, the Giorgio Armani Samsung Mobile is a multimedia device offering everything from a 3.0 mega pixel camera, video recording, MP3 Music Player, built-in FM Radio and a TV Out port. Samsung have been inspired by the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani when designing this stunning handset. The phone comes in a beautiful silver & black coloured casing which comes with a large high colour 2.6 Inch touch screen. The touch screen has a high screen resolution & provides the user with high quality touch screen controls.


The user can access the QWERTY keyboard which is situated under the touch screen & can be easily slid out when needed by the user. The user can listen to music on the move with the built in music player & radio feature. The music player supports popular music formats which include MP3, AAC & AAC+ formats. The user can enjoy listening to their music over a wireless connection as the phone supports Bluetooth® with A2DP which allows the user to connect their Samsung Armani wirelessly to a set of Bluetooth® headphones. Please Purchase Online     


Coping With Cold Sores PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 14:53

Cold sores are small pimples on the lips, these fluid-filled sores may also appear on mouth and nose. These sores are painful and last for a few days. They are caused by a type of virus called Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). This virus has two types; type I and type II and cold sores are mostly caused by Type-I. HSV-I are contagious from person to person. Infected saliva can also be a cause of transmitting the virus. Among other ways which can contribute in transferring this disease are from contaminated surfaces, towel or washcloths. The virus is not completely eliminated, so they often recur.

Inspiration From Nature Nokia 8800 Arte PDF Print E-mail
Written by jeya   
Friday, 17 October 2008 00:44

Nokia 8800 Arte, a refresh on their two year old 8800 series design. Nokia is aiming for the mobile phone as status object set with this, and it shows. In terms of overall design, it's got a middle of the line 3.2 megapixel camera with decent autofocus and color correction. It's running System 43, and has a very Macintosh dock-like scrolling menu bar with context sensitive icons for applications. The screen is gorgeous and uses OLEDs, which should, in theory, save on battery life.


It comes with a nice noise canceling Bluetooth earbud, and like every mobile phone made in the last three years, will do reasonable duty as an MP3 and music player. Sound quality was more than good enough, and the noise canceling headset is quite good. Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte mobile phone is for individuals who appreciate uncompromised high performance. Carbon fibre is an ultra light and strong material that expresses a woven pattern that is both high-tech and sensuous. Custom built to ensure the precision engineering that these materials require, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte features 3D patterns that express the inherent performance and lustre of carbon fibre.


3G capabilities and 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera and high quality audio, the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte boasts a stunning OLED display and built-in memory that has been expanded from previous offerings in the range to 4 GB. Meanwhile, Nokia's anti-fingerprint coating reduces smudges on metal and glass and unsightly outer seams are hidden by a unique all-in-one microUSB connector.


Nokia has rolled out their new 8800. They are the Nokia 8800 Arte and Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte, featuring an elegant and sophisticated design theme that takes inspiration from nature and sets it apart from the crowd. They have the 'turn-to-mute' feature which allows user to quiet their phone by simply turning the over the phone, the screen-side down. Please Purchase Online


From Meditation Music to the Yoga Mat PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 02 September 2008 14:42

I have to say that there are some inventions that I am really quite grateful for. Most of them are actually quite old in origin, but have recently, thanks to the wonderful technology available to us, seen a rebirth made of new materials. Take the yoga mat for example. Today you can get rubber yoga mats that are extra thick, perfect for someone like me who need a bit of extra padding between my spine and the floor. I am also immensely grateful for the technology that currently fuels the music industry. Rather than relying on someone to play live music, I can simply pop a new age music CD into my player (or my computer for that matter) and have instant music.

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